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Using AI to improve Professional Sport

AI is being used in almost all industries. One industry or use that many people might not be aware of is in professional sport. Using AI in professional sport such as football including the Premier League and motor racing such Formula 1 can massively improve efficiency at all levels, ultimately promoting more wins.

Professional sport generates masses of data, but it also has one common goal - to win. And in AI and machine learning terms this is ideal. AI loves to learn from data where there is known outcome. Simply put in all your data to an Artificial Neural Network such as eldr AI, and AI will literally learn the recipe to success.

I mentioned before about levels. Here I mean the various component parts that make up a professional sport - personnel, kit, training, recruitment, event dynamics, attendance....you name it, when you break sport down into logical areas or levels, there are dozens, if not hundreds of moving parts - each one can be dissected by AI to learn the best combination that can generate a champion performance.


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