The fastest, easiest & smartest way to get AI into your organisation

Powerful dynamic no code AI for all industries and use cases


The fastest, easiest & smartest way to get AI into your organisation

Powerful dynamic no code AI for all industries and use cases


The fastest, easiest & smartest way to get AI into your organisation

Powerful dynamic no code AI for all industries and use cases


The fastest, easiest & smartest way to get AI into your organisation

Powerful dynamic no code AI for all industries and use cases


The fastest, easiest & smartest way to get AI into your organisation

Powerful dynamic no code AI for all industries and use cases



Get AI up and running within 2 minutes using no code Deep Learning AI that's incredibly easy to use and integrate with any business, industry or process.


AI predictions, decisions, insights and recommendations

Drive all decisions across your organisation using highly accurate no code Deep Learning artificial intelligence in real time.

AI data utilisation for any industry, system, use-case or scenario

Easily use and link data from across your entire organisation for AI. Provide data via API, JSON, CSV, Excel or Text.

Powerful AI layer throughout your entire organisation and systems

Automatically create dynamic Deep Learning AI . Use eldr standalone and/or link directly with your systems via API.

AI that's administered through any browser or device

Manage the entire AI process through an easy GUI from any browser with no coding knowledge or bespoke algorithms required.

Deep Learning AI SaaS with no installation required

Hassle-free AI that's provided as Software as a Service with high-spec computing power - or can be hosted internally.

Valuable AI-driven decisions that increase efficiency & profit

Deep Learning AI by eldr is the most cost effective AI on the market. Suitable for any size or type of business.


What you can instantly achieve and integrate with your systems using eldr no code Deep Learning AI

Customer Churn AI

Use AI to keep your customers engaged and increase sales by accurately predicting their next step

Know Your Customer (KYC) AI

Use AI to fully understand your customers' desires, behaviours & demographics to tailor their experience and increase sales

Human Resources (HR) AI

Use AI to improve the recruitment process by rapidly selecting the most suited candidates likely to be a success

Product Recommendation AI

Use AI to accurately recommend products to customers based on their current browsing or purchase behaviour

Supply Chain AI

Use AI to massively improve the efficiency of the full Supply Chain, from demand forecasting to stock levels, to goods flow

Sales & Marketing AI

Use AI to generate increased profitability from Sales & Marketing activities

Journey Mapper AI

Use AI to accurately map complex customer and process journeys so you can always predict the next step

Investment AI

Use AI to guide you to making the most profitable financial investments

Behaviour Profiling AI

Use AI to profile any type of behaviour - from customers, to patients, to criminals and beyond

Diagnostics AI

Use AI to accurately diagnose a whole range of problems, situations and circumstances in order to effectively respond

Anomaly & Fraud Detection AI

Use AI to accurately and rapidly spot fraud in any process or transaction

Big Data AI

Use AI to gain insights into big data that would be otherwise impossible to spot using traditional means

Fake Content Spotting AI

Use AI to spot undesirable internal or external content such as fake new, fake reviews and malicious communications before they cause damage

Investigations AI

Use AI to aid in investigations

Bespoke Deep Learning AI

eldr AI can be used in almost all processes and all industries. Talk to us to discuss your unique requirements.

Natural Language Processing NLP AI

Use AI to gain meaningful information, intent and instruction from human written or spoken text and language

Sentiment Analysis AI

Use AI to extract real human emotion from text and words to fully understanding what someone is truly feeling

Data Classification AI

Use AI to accurately and rapidly classify all types of data and objects from diverse and huge sets

Build your own no code AI

Use eldr AI to rapidly create your own dynamic Artificial Neural Network models and Deep Learning AI for use in unlimited scenarios

Predictive Analytics AI

eldr AI can learn from an unlimited mixture/type of data and provide instant predictions for any scenario without the need for bespoke data science algorithms


Core strategic benefits of eldr fully automated Deep Learning AI

smarter, more informed decisions - always

Make every decision more accurate with AI driven predictions, recommendations , insights and decision intelligence.

eldr can be used at every decision point after easily learning how to interpret data it is shown - spotting patterns and trends that would be practically impossible to do using alternative methods in the same time frame.

By making use of past data about how your organisation or processes operates eldr will accurately facilitate growth and profit through efficient decision intelligence.

streamlined & automated

Rapid acceleration of successful AI into your organisation with minimal effort.

Without eldr, AI utilisation from concept to delivery takes on average 6 months with 6 people - and even after that 80% of AI projects fail due to the complexity involved.

eldr takes the hassle out of delivering AI where it's needed - you can get AI working in your organisation within a matter of minutes.

If you want to link eldr directly with your existing systems, there's a simple API that facilitates this.

massively reduced AI development cost

eldr has taken care of the entire AI coding process so you don't have to.

Artificial Intelligence development is very costly - averaging $150,000 per single project in 2020, especially when integrating with other systems and deploying it effectively.

eldr has been built as a completely dynamic turnkey AI system, with multiple solutions/projects in one app, ready to accommodate all scenarios through a standardised way of receiving data from any process or requirement and passing it through self-building dynamic AI.

accelerate growth in all industries & operations

eldr works in any industry - including yours

Many AI systems are built for specific purposes - you have to provide data in a specific format to get specific results from specific algorithms.

eldr works in every industry, with all types of data and scenarios. eldr is highly dynamic - all you need to do is provide the data for any process or requirement and eldr will give you useful predictions, recommendations and insights from its highly adaptable artificial neural network.

flexible cloud or internal hosting

Can be hosted on ours, yours or any server depending on your objectives.

Every instance of eldr is provided as its own entity. eldr can be hosted as a SaaS (software as as service) under our management, or can be easily deployed to your own infrastructure.

We understand every organisation has its own service, demand, data, and security requirements and eldr has been built to accommodate these needs.

collaborative & easy to use

Integration, collaboration and usability at every level of your organisation.

eldr can be used by anyone, in and between any process, or any industry regardless of current knowledge of AI & software.

eldr facilitates and encourages collaboration and integration. It can be used on any device with minimal set-up and full visibility.


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